Read this for now. I will try and make up something even more interesting in the coming days.  Complex large worded theories and post rationalizations of completed works, etc...

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding environment, literary sources and symbols, a unique visual experience is created by interlaced and layered fragments of images, color, lines, scrawl and a patchwork of new and eroded materials. Stokes sets out with no preparatory sketches. This unselfconscious style evolves on the canvas resulting in a highly textured and manipulated surface. Fragments of objects and texts are revealed, obscured and then coaxed out of hiding only to resurface transformed. Christopher Stokes was born and raised in Philadelphia. In 1991, he began painting in Rome while studying architecture. He has exhibited his art locally and a number of his paintings reside in private collections around the world. He currently resides in San Francisco.


September, 2009 - Summerland at Mint Plaza.
November, 2008 - Installation at Fire Station One at Mint Plaza. "Things I have done when no one was looking"
October, 2007 - Flipp Gallery
June, 2007 - Salon Miel opening
June, 2007 -Chillin’ Anniversary show
Sept, 2006 - Juice Design Ten Year Anniversary show
June, 2006 - Inside Gallery, 06.05.06 – ongoing
May, 2006 - Best of the Bay 2006 award show
May, 2006 - Mastermind Award, Best of the Bay 2006
April, 2006 - Chillin’ 10th Anniversary show
March, 2006 - Rayon Vert 03.06 to 09.07
Dec, 2005 - DeKroon 12.01.05 to 02.24.06
April, 2005 - Public Restaurant art opening II, - ongoing
March, 2005 - Dog Patch studios, Effection
Jan, 2005 - ‘Storm’ benefit show for Katrina, Effection
Feb, 2005 - ‘Retrospection’, Effection
Nov, 2004 - Public Restaurant art opening
Nov 7th, 2004 - Chillin’ at Studio Z
Jan 19th, 2004 - Chillin’ at Studio Z




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